Perl Power Tools submissions
by Ronald J Kimball

Perl Power Tools was an attempt to provide implementations of all core UNIX programs in perl. Unfortunately, there have been no updates to the project in the last two years, and the official (but stagnant) website does not include all the entries that were submitted. Anyway, here are the tools that I implemented in perl for the project.


words prints all the uncapitalized words in the word list that can be made from letters in a string.


caesar attempts to decrypt caesar cyphers using English letter frequency statistics.


col filters out reverse (and half-reverse) line feeds so that the output is in the correct order with only forward and half-forward line feeds, and replaces whitespace characters with tabs where possible. This can be useful in processing the output of nroff and tbl.


All scripts include documentation in Pod format, from which the HTML documentation has been generated.

The executable scripts are linked as .txt files, because otherwise this web server will try to treat them as CGI scripts. If you download them, feel free to rename them with the appropriate extension.