words -- find words which can be made from a string of letters


words [-w word-file] [-m min-length] letters


words prints all the uncapitalized words in the word list that can be made from the string of letters. Each letter can appear in a word once for each time it appears in the string.


words accepts the following options:

-w word-file
By default, words looks for a word-file named 'wordlist' in the same directory as the executable. Use the -w option to specify the path to an alternate word list.

-m min-length
By default, words prints words of any length that can be made from the string of letters. Use the -m option to specify the minimum length of each word. words will skip any words that are less than the specified length.


The list of words, found with the executable.

For a comprehensive word list, the author recommends the ENABLE word list, with more than 172,000 words, which can be found at


This implementation of words has no known bugs.


    $Log: words.ppt,v $
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    Revision 1.2  1999/06/22 02:20:13  rjk
    added /o to regex which verifies letters used
      (regex is constant in this implementation of words)
    added link to ENABLE word list in POD
    added $VERSION
    Revision 1.1  1999/06/14 02:28:41  rjk
    Initial revision


This implementation of words in Perl was written by Ronald J Kimball,


This program is copyright 1999 by Ronald J Kimball.

This program is free and open software. You may use, modify, or distribute this program (and any modified variants) in any way you wish, provided you do not restrict others from doing the same.