perlgolf holes

These are the holes which were prepared for the Perl Golf Apocalypse, a tournament of Perl Golf, at TPC4. The first two were intended as practice holes. Technical difficulties forced us to halt the tournament after revealing the next five holes, up to Vowel Sort.

Guidelines for Solving the Holes

These are the rules and guidelines that were used for the Perl Golf Tournament.

The Holes

  1. Fifth Word
  2. Error Message
  3. Max without Sort
  4. Smallest Repeating Pattern
  5. Hex to Char
  6. Translate within Parentheses
  7. Poetry
  8. Vowel Sort
  9. Digital Root
  10. Rotate 180
  11. Addition without Addition

Comments and Submitting Solutions

If you would like to show off your solutions to these holes, you can email them to They may appear on a forthcoming submitted solutions page. Feel free to send comments as well, on your solutions, on these holes, or on Perl Golf in general. Thanks!