Mt. Holyoke Summit

September 15, 2003, Holyoke Range State Park, MA

by Ronald J Kimball

Mt. Holyoke Summit
Mt. Holyoke Summit, Elevation 942 Feet
Lilianna sits on the rocks
A boat on the river
An island in the middle of the river
A bend in the river
Looking over the fields
Antennae rising above the summit
Lilianna on the porch of the Summit House
Ronald leans against the railing
Ronald sits on the rocks
Lilianna looks out from behind the rocks
A tree silhouetted against the sky
An unusually-shaped tree
Rocks on the summit
A memorial to the victims of a plane crash
Lilianna peeks out from behind a tree
The Summit House through the trees
Looking up at the Summit House

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Copyright © 2003 by Ronald J Kimball