Murdough Greenhouse, Dartmouth College

January 10, 2007, Hanover, NH

by Ronald J Kimball

My friend Ashley works at Murdough Greenhouse, and when I came up to Dartmouth for Winter Carnival in 2007, she took me to see it.

Murdough Greenhouse
The greenhouse is on the roof of Gilman Hall
Welcome to Murdough Greenhouse
The main rooms of the greenhouse, from the entrance
Another row, along the windows; the plant in the hanging box is an Agapetes serpens
The pink and white flower in the foreground is an Amaryllis 'Dancing Queen'
I forgot to note the names of this pink-petaled flower and this pink-leaved plant... pretty, aren't they?
A Cycas revoluta, an Old World palm tree
This spiky orange flower is a Burbidgea scheizocheila
These little orange-like fruits belong to the Citrofortunella mitis
The Taxus brevifolia has medicinal use; it's the source of a drug used in cancer treatment
This Coleus plant is called 'Green Margin' - now why would that be?
The Nepenthes is a pitcher plant; it traps insects in its cup and digests them; this one is a 'Miranda'
I couldn't find the label for this bright yellow flower
The purple flowers in this photo belong to the Duranta repens
The leaves of the Aloe distans form a pleasing star shape
Another Coleus plant; this one is a 'Nottingham Lace'
A Bougainvillea "Double Red"
This plant is unexpectedly growing from the pipe under the sink!
The mommy of the under sink plant; it released its spores (see the rows of little black dots?), and one took root there
The bright little flowers of the Camellia 'Prof. Sargent'
The Murdough Greenhouse also houses the Brout Orchid Collection
One of the two orchid rooms
A Vanda Pakehong
A BLC, or Brassolaeliocattleya hybrid
An assortment of Phalaenopsis orchids
A closeup of the white Phalaenopsis from the previous photo
This Clowesia Jumbo Lace won an award at the NHOS show in 2006; its blossoms are less extensive this year
A Cattleya and some sort of animal bone
A Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum
The carnivorous plants; note that they're behind glass so they don't eat visitors
One of the orchid rooms includes a nice coy pond
The coy enjoying a delicious meal of fish food flakes
Darwin and Linnaeus, the Zebra Finches who live at the greenhouse
Stepping out onto the roof, you can look across north campus to Baker Tower

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Copyright © 2007 by Ronald J Kimball