Broad Meadow Brook

February 28, 2004, Worcester, MA

by Ronald J Kimball

These photos were taken between 4pm and 5pm on February 28 at Broad Meadow Brook Conservation Center and Wildlife Sanctuary.

Broad Meadow Brook
Trees along the trail.
An unusually-shaped tree.
Looking down the trail to the brook.
Rocks beside the trail.
A spiralling branch.
Looking left as we cross the brook.
Looking right as we cross the brook.
Lori walking along the trail.
A boulder partially covered in snow.
Rocks and snow on a small rise.
Piles of leaves partially covered by snow.
Trees on a hillside.
The sun behind the trees.
The remains of fallen trees.
A rocky outcropping.
Some trees, some snow, some rocks, some leaves...
A little evergreen growing beside a boulder.
Keith and Lori further down the trail.
A tree growing beside a boulder.
A hollow tree stump.
Coming up the trail to the information center.

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Copyright © 2004 by Ronald J Kimball