The Big E Photos

September 28, 2002, West Springfield, MA

by Ronald J Kimball

A little bear
Two bears
A bear inside a plastic play structure
Explaining early plumbing
Chatting with fair-goers
Demonstrating an old hand drill
Collection of old tools
Encampment around a covered wagon
Chatting with fair-goers
The front of the State of Vermont building
Youths drumming and marching
Youths marching with flags and muskets
Big red tractor
Youths marching with drums, fifes, and flags
Sand people
Dart Vader and stormtroopers
Boba Fett
Native Americans marching with flags
Youths marching with drums and fifes
Smokey the Bear
Dancers spinning flags
Horses pulling an old fire engine
Clown standing on top of a car
Dancers in Carnaval costumes
Dancer in Carnaval costume
Float with giant bull
Float with masks and knight
Float with parrot and jungle people
Float with volcano
Float with elephants
Float with musicians
Clydesdales pulling a Budweiser truck
Clydesdales pulling a Budweiser truck
Clydesdales pulling an unidentified truck
Grocer made of Legos
Grocer made of Legos
Remote-controlled Tinker Toy vehicle
Making fudge
Sandcastle recognizing the NH Department of Agriculture
Petting Zoo
Sheep being fed by a fair-goer
Sheep being fed by fair-goers
Sheep at rest
Eland being petted by a fair-goer
Eland being petted by a fair-goer
Unidentified bovine
Big sheep, little sheep
Miniature horse
Animal Rides
Camel with riders
Camel with riders
Elephant with riders
Elephant with riders

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Copyright © 2002 by Ronald J Kimball