by Ronald J Kimball is a script that finds words that can be made from a set of letters. (For example, from the letters CHIPMUNK, some words that can be made are chin, pink, and munch.)

A slightly different version of this script was submitted to the now-defunct PPT project, mimicking the original UNIX utility. is a script that solves basic cryptograms. It was discussed at the April 2002 technical meeting of the Boston Perl Mongers. is a script that finds words in a grid of letters, according to the rules of the popular game Boggle (from Parker Brothers). is a script that solves word ladders (also known as doublets). A sequence of words must be found which connects the first word to the last word, and only one letter can be changed in each step. For example, the word ladder CAT -> DOG can be solved as CAT -> COT -> COG -> DOG.

support files

Files used by the above scripts.



All scripts include documentation in Pod format, from which the HTML documentation has been generated.

The executable scripts are linked as .txt files, because otherwise this web server will try to treat them as CGI scripts. If you download them, feel free to rename them with the appropriate extension.