by Ronald J Kimball won first place in the Haiku Contest at The Perl Conference 4.0. (Apparently, the judges have an even greater appreciation for puns than I expected.)

#!perl -ln

sub summer { my $sum;
$sum += $_ for @_;
$sum } print summer (split);

# sub summer my sum
# sum plus equals ARG for ARGs
# sum print summer split

# for a true haiku,
# you see, mentions a season
# much unlike this one


As you might expect, this Perl haiku sums its input. Enter a line of whitespace separated numbers, and will print the sum. v0.1 was featured in the results of The Perl Journal's First Annual Perl Poetry Contest (TPJ #16/#17). The link below is to the most recent version. support files


notes includes documentation in Pod format, from which the HTML documentation has been generated.

The executable scripts are linked as .txt files, because otherwise this web server will try to treat them as CGI scripts. If you download them, feel free to rename them with the appropriate extension.