Ronald J Kimball

Not Me

Occasionally, I'll look up my name on Google. Here are some people I've found named Ronald Kimball, who are not me. (Links that are no longer valid are in gray.)
Ronald E. Kimball, Gynecologist
Doctor specializing in Gynecological Oncology in California.
Ronald Kimball, Professional Photographer
Professional photographer in California. His work frequently appears on posters and calendars.
Ronald James Kimball, Business Owner, Importer of Illegal Goods, Guestbook Spammer, and Mormon
Owner of Texas Armoring, who spams website guestbooks and forums with ads for his company. As executive officer of the Spy Factory, pled guilty to illegally importing eavesdropping devices in United States v. The Spy Factory, Inc. Active in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Ronald Kimball, Public Servant
Member of the Baltimore Civilian Review Board in Maryland.
Ronald Kimball, Radiation Safety Technician
Employee of the Radiation Safety Office at the University of Vermont.
Ronald Kimball, Fictional Violin Prodigy
Character in the 1937 movie Dangerous Holiday.
Ronald C. Kimball, Deceased
Passed away in 2003 in Wisconsin.
Ronald J. Kimball, Marine
Served in the Marines from 1965-1968, paid dues to the American Legion from 1979-1980.
Ronald Kimball, Teacher
Elementary school teacher in Massachusetts.
Ronald R. Kimball, Retired Science Professor
Alumnus of New Mexico State University, retired as a professor of electronics technology at New Hampshire Tech College.
Ronald J. Kimball, Knight of Columbus (2)
Knight of the Month for his Knights of Columbus Council in October 2002 in Washington; also their webmaster.
Ronald Kimball, Lumberjack
Winning bidder for a logging contract in Maine.
Ronald Kimball, Defendant
Executive officer of Bull Investment Group, charged with various illegal business practices, in State of Connecticut v. Bull Investment Group, Inc., et al.
Ronald Kimball, Golfer
Winner of Class C in the Spring Net Championship in 1996 in Pennsylvania.
Ronald M. Kimball, Alumnus of Brown (2)
Member of Brown University Class of 1918 in Rhode Island.
Ronald Kimball, Intern
Intern at the University of Maryland Counseling Center in 1972-973.
Ronald Kimball, Step-Parent
Participant in a newsgroup for step-parents.
Ronald Kimball, Deceased
Passed away in Chicago in 1976.
Ronald Kimball, uDNS proponent
Discussed uDNS on a tech mailing list in the late 90s.
Ronald L. Kimball, Patent holder
Holder of a patent for optical fiber and method for making such fiber
Ronald L. Kimball, Author
Author of an article in the Journal of Negro Education in 1973.
Ronald Kimball, Networking Instructor
Instructor for Cisco Systems Networking Academy in Texas
Ronald S. Kimball, Missing boater
Disappeared while boating in Florida in 2005.
Ronald S. Kimball, Involved Citizen and Basketball Coach
Member of a citizen advisory committee and former basketball coach in Hawaii.
Ronald Kimball, Master Fire Apparatus Technician
Certified by the Emergency Vehicle Technician Certification Commission as a Master Fire Apparatus Technician.
Ronald L. Kimball, Psychologist
Psychologist and expert witness in Washington, DC.
Ronald N. Kimball, Insurance agent
Owner of Neese - Kimball Insurance Agency in Erie, Illinois.
Ronald A. Kimball, Firmware Programmer and Ham Radio Operator
Firmware contractor and ham radio operator in Connecticut.
Ronald A. Kimball, Athlete (2)
Participated in track and field meets in Georgia and North Carolina in the late 1990s.
Ronald Doss Kimball, US Army Sergeant
Sergeant in the US Army in the 1980s.
Ronald W. Kimball, Opthalmologist
Opthamalogist in Pennsylvania.
Ronald Kimball, Winning Contestant
Winner of $200 as an at-home contestant of the Powerball TV Game Show in New Hampshire.
Ronald Kimball, Beagle Owner
Contact person for the Southern Massachusetts Beagle Club.
Ronald W. Kimball, NOAA Corps Officer
Member of the 49th Basic Officer Training Class of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Corps in 1947.
Ronald Kimball, Country Singer
Vocalist on the country song Troubled Road.
Ronald Kimball, Contributor
Donated to the Group Psychotherapy Foundation in 2002.

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